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24 Nov Building for the future with bricks and mortar

Property investment can undoubtedly bring rewards, but it’s important to recognise the potential pitfalls too, writes Jonathan Wilson of Barnett & Turner. Although there are all kinds of possibilities when it comes to investing for your future, property understandably seems an attractive option for both individuals and businesses. It’s worth bearing a number of factors in mind though before taking the plunge with bricks and mortar. First of all, there’s no guarantee of a quick profit. You may well see a good return in the long run, but it’s important to be patient. It’s also not particularly wise to see property as...

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24 Mar Property a hot topic as CGT changes loom

Draft legislation is about to herald a new era in capital gains tax. The changes – due to come into effect in April 2015 – will have an impact on all non-UK residents who dispose of a residential property located in the UK. Any gains realised by either a sale or a gift will be subject to CGT, regardless of the value of the sale. It’s not just individuals who will be affected by the change. The rule also applies to non-resident companies, partnerships, trustees and personal representatives of deceased non-UK residents. Although institutional investors (non-UK resident pension schemes or foreign...

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17 Nov Property ownership: a talking point for husbands and wives

The way in which you share ownership of property with your spouse can have big financial implications, writes Tracy Henson of accountants Barnett & Turner. When a husband and wife buy a house together, they are usually ‘joint tenants’, which means they have equal rights to the property. In the event that one of them dies, the home will automatically pass to the other partner, but it’s only possible to sell or remortgage with the other’s consent. A good analogy is to think of the property as a bowl of soup. It’s not possible to cut it in half. If you’d prefer...

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10 Nov Own a second home? The taxman may be ringing the doorbell.

Don’t assume that the Revenue won’t investigate you for the profit on your rented property, writes Jonathan Wilson, Partner at Barnett & Turner. A new campaign is under way and it’s time to take action. According to HMRC, landlords may owe more than £500m in unpaid tax from the profit they make on renting out homes. Although there are 1.4m people who let property in the UK, half a million of them aren’t even registered with the taxman. It’s figures like these which have led to the creation of the Let Property campaign, in which the Revenue may investigate as many...

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09 Jun When assets need replacing, there’s no need to sweat.

In many businesses, the key asset might be the knowledge and experience of the staff or possibly a valuable piece of intellectual property. Other companies, however, depend heavily on very specific capital assets. The presses used by a printer, for instance. The limousines of a wedding-hire firm. Or perhaps the fixtures and fittings of a gym. But what happens when these vital pieces of equipment or property start to deteriorate? The investment required to replace them can often seem daunting to a small or medium-sized business, particularly if they are already trying to manage existing financial repayments. One option is to replace...

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