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17 Oct Have you DONE enough to get a full state pension? 

Tracy Henson of accountancy firm Barnett & Turner does the sums. We all joke that by the time we reach retirement age, the state pension won’t be worth having. But let’s not give up on it just yet.  I’m still looking forward to getting my own pension and I know what I should get, but do you?  And do you know how to make your position better if you find that you haven’t already done enough to qualify for the full amount? Whether, and to what extent, you qualify for a state pension is determined by reference to your work history or,...

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27 Oct Some great ideas to help your grandchildren

There are a number of steps grandparents can take to help their grandchildren financially, argues Jonathan Wilson of Barnett & Turner. In fact, they may be in a stronger position in this respect than the kids’ parents. Everyone wants to do the very best they can for their children. It may be, however, that grandparents are in the strongest position to help when it comes to finances. Some of the basic options are really simple. Every individual can make a £3,000 gift each year, free from inheritance tax, for instance. This won’t form part of the sums considered for the seven-year exclusion...

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24 Nov Changes To Taxation Of Pensions On Death

Hot on the heels of the relaxation of the rules on pension drawdown earlier this year, the Chancellor announced at Party conference that he intends to abolish the 55% tax charged in certain circumstances on the balance of undrawn pension funds at death. This creates further flexibility in pension planning which should now be given greater priority in your financial plan. At present a pension fund can only be passed down tax free on death if the individual has not drawn anything from it, including the tax free sum, and is aged under 75 on death, otherwise there is a 55%...

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14 Jul Some big news on ‘small pot’ pensions: up to £1,500 is up for grabs

This year’s budget included a few eye-catching announcements, including the decision to increase the ‘small pot’ pension fund from £2,000 to £10,000. Part of the government’s drive to make pensions more flexible, the new rule also had the effect of creating an interesting opportunity for shrewd investors. Although we’re talking about a loophole that has actually been acknowledged by HMRC, it won’t be formally addressed until April 2015. And that means you have a perfectly legitimate window in which to act, if you’re currently employed and aged between 60 and 75. Let’s take a scenario in which you open a personal...

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07 Jul £30k in tax-free income for married pensioners? It’s not a pipedream.

When we think about tax planning, it’s tempting to see it as the preserve of the wealthy. The reality, however, is that the process can be just as important – if not more so, in fact – for people on lower incomes. After all, a relatively small saving in tax can make a big difference to someone on a budget. £1,000 might be a well-deserved holiday, for instance. And there are perfectly legitimate ways of minimising your tax burden if you take some good advice at an early stage. Recent government announcements on the Personal Allowance and Starting Rate Band spell...

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