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20 Oct Business planning tips you can tap into

Jo Tye of my own firm, Nottinghamshire-based accountants and tax advisers, Barnett & Turner offers her five top recommendations for businesses looking to capitalise on the economic upturn. As we’ve moved out of recession over the past year or two and new opportunities are now presenting themselves for many businesses, it’s a good time to take stock of how your company is shaping up. Here are some suggestions for issues you might want to address, although it’s often good to seek out the advice of your accountants and discuss your plans together: Rate your business as it is today An obvious starting...

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06 Oct There’s great value to a proper valuation

Although valuation isn’t always an exact science, writes Barnett & Turner’s Jono Wilson, it can be an essential part of your long-term business planning. In my experience, clients can have any number of reasons to look for a valuation of their business. Sometimes it can be a personal matter – they’re going through a divorce, for instance, and need help with litigation. On the other hand, they may be thinking about changing the ownership or structure. We may, of course, need to value a business after death. And then there’s perhaps the most obvious reason of all: a valuation with a...

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29 Sep Key Person Insurance

A player hits the floor and they’re not faking. Is your business ready for the consequences? Jono Wilson of Barnett & Turner explores the world of key person insurance. With the new football season under way, we’re bound to be treated to some spectacular dives from players claiming injury. Amazingly, most will manage to dust themselves down and be back in action within a few minutes after their temporary histrionics. But sometimes the player isn’t faking. Career-changing injuries really do happen. Players can find themselves out of action for six months or a whole season. The same is true in any business, of...

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16 Jun Thinking of becoming a limited company? Time to go goodwill hunting…

It’s a conversation that many sole traders periodically have with their accountants. Is it a good idea for me to incorporate as a limited company? Although the answer isn’t always clear cut and can depend very much on individual circumstances, there are clearly a number of potential advantages. The rate of corporation tax for small companies is attractive, of course. There are savings on national insurance. And by finding the optimum balance between salary payments and dividends, you can manage your tax affairs more efficiently. Often accountants will present the transition as being very straightforward, which at many levels is exactly right....

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09 May In a partnership or LLP? New tax rules have big implications.

Partnerships have long been an attractive structure for people running small businesses. They’ve been particularly favoured by owners of professional practices – from solicitors and accountants through to architects and dentists. The fluidity of the arrangement allows partners to change with few tax implications – something that becomes more problematic within the confines of the traditional limited company. From 6th April 2014, new legislation came into  effect which has led many businesses to think again about their partnership status. The first issue concerns the use of ‘corporate’ partners as a way of managing the tax affairs of the partnership. Given that the...

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