Seeing things from a new perspective

Accountancy firms that are part of the HCWA network offer a unique range of perspectives and employ people from a variety of different backgrounds. JONATHAN BROWN explains how he came to join Barnett & Turner in Nottinghamshire and why he thinks his move has been so positive.

Working in an independent accountancy business has been quite a new experience for me. That’s because originally I trained in the public sector. 

Of course, there were plenty of personal motivations for the move – not least the fact that I was undertaking a lengthy commute into Sheffield each day as a trainee management accountant. Ultimately though, I feel the culture here suits me much better.

We’re a tight-knit team and there’s a family feel to the business, which is important to me. Inevitably, when I joined the public sector after graduating from university in Accountancy and Finance, I found things to be pretty hierarchical. It can be a political environment with a number of restrictions, so getting things done can be quite a long-winded process.

Here, although things are on a smaller scale, there seems to be much more variety. Dealing with clients in the private sector, you don’t feel as if you’re doing the same job more than once. You’re always on your toes, there’s lots of responsibility and you feel valued, by both our clients and within the team.

From a client perspective, you get the best of all possible worlds. Our team may come from a variety of backgrounds and have insights into the way that different organisations work. At the same time, we’re given a sense of ownership and a really varied range of tasks. That makes us truly committed, responsive and ready for whatever challenge gets thrown at us next!

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